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The Ohio Community Corrections Association (OCCA) offers to member community correction service providers the opportunity for advocacy and professional development, which enhances the ability to reduce repeat criminal offending.

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Procedures for Prior Approval for Ohio Counselor and Social Worker Board Continuing Education Units (contact hour credits)

As an approved provider of the Ohio Counselor, Social Worker & Marriage & Family Therapist Board, OCCA may provide CEUs for agency training event(s) it co-sponsors.

Please read the following procedures carefully before you request OCCA to co-sponsor your event and provide Ohio Counselor, Social Worker & Marriage & Family Therapist Board CEUs.

Note: OCCA is only an approved provider for Counselor and Social Worker CEUs. We do not yet provide Marriage and Family Therapist CEUs.

Prior Approval Required

In order to assure that the planning process, content, and the presenter(s) all qualify for continuing education units, you MUST contact OCCA by completing and submitting the prior approval form. It is recommended that you submit your prior approval form before publishing or distributing any program announcements. Complete one for each individual session.

Please complete the Prior Approval Form and attach the following:

  • Resume of each presenter
  • Draft flyer/brochure of the program with OACCA listed as a co-sponsor
  • Minutes of planning meeting showing a licensed Counselor or Social Worker involved in the planning of the program
  • Goals and objectives of the program

Mail your completed Prior Approval Form and attached documents as a packet to: OCCA, 2100 Stella Court, Columbus, OH 43215.

The OCCA Executive Director, Lusanne Greeen, will review all submitted materials and notify the agency contact person of the suitability of the training event for Counselor or Social Worker Continuing Education Units.

Following the Training Event

At the conclusion of the training event, please forward the items listed below to OCCA so that we can issue the Counselor or Social Worker CEUs.

  • Sign-in sheet for each session of each day of the training event
  • The sign-in sheet must include the printed name and signature of each individual participant; each name must be legible to receive a certificate
  • The evaluation forms from each session 


OCCA Member Agencies
Please remit $5.00 for each certificate requested. This fee must be paid with one agency check. We regret that we cannot accept personal checks.

Non-OACCA Agencies
Please remit $5.00 for each certificate requested plus a $100.00 administrative fee. These fees must be paid with one agency check. We regret that we cannot accept personal checks. CEU certificates will be completed and mailed to the agency, usually within 10 working days.

Note: With the exception of the fees, all of the above requirements are stipulated by the Ohio Counselor, Social Worker & Marriage & Family Therapist Board administrative rules (OAC 4757:9-05).

If you have any questions about any of these procedures, please feel free to contact Jene Turner at 614-252-8417.


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