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Ohio Community Corrections Association
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The Ohio Community Corrections Association (OCCA) offers to member community correction service providers the opportunity for advocacy and professional development, which enhances the ability to reduce repeat criminal offending.

Community Corrections Association

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The American Correctional Association is a multi-disciplinary organization of professionals representing all facets of corrections & criminal justice, including federal, start and military correctional facilities and prisons, county jails and detention centers, probation/parole agencies, and community corrections/halfway houses. Comprised of 78 chapters & affiliated organizations and individual members of more than 20,000, ACA serves as the umbrella organization for all areas of corrections, providing a broad base of expertise that no other organization in the world can offer to this growing field.
Mission: To reduce the repetition of criminal behavior in our community by working within the criminal justice system to provide services and programs which offer alternatives to incarceration and facilitate the reintegration of the offender into the community.
BWC - Ohio
Assistance for injured workers, Ohio employers, safety services and medical providers.
The Mission of Community Assessment & Treatment Services is to provide high quality, cost effective holistic, abstinent-based prevention and intervention services that address the chemical dependency and/or mental health needs of a diverse clientele.
The Federal Bureau of Prisons was established in 1930 to provide more progressive and humane care for Federal inmates, to professionalize the prison service, and to ensure consistent and centralized administration of the 11 Federal prisons in operation at that time. Today, the Bureau consists of 98 institutions, 6 regional offices, a Central Office (headquarters), 3 staff training centers, and 28 community corrections offices. The regional offices and the Central Office provide administrative oversight and support to the institutions and community corrections offices. Community corrections offices oversee community corrections centers and home confinement programs.
In 1964, the first meeting of the International Halfway House Association was held. Thirty people attended that meeting in Chicago. That was the birth of the international Community Corrections Association. Today, after more than 30 years and a name change in 1989 (to the International Association of Residential and Community Alternatives), the ICCA represents more than 250 private agencies operating over 1,500 residential and community alternative programs throughout the world. There are an additional 1,000 individual members.
Lancaster Community Transition Center
Community Transition Center is a viable alternative to incarceration available for offenders referred by the criminal justice system, which provides appropriate programming, services and close monitoring in a professional residential setting to improve the offender’s sense of responsibility while reintegrating into the community as a productive citizen.
Ohio General Assembly - including bills online Ohio Senate Ohio House of Representatives Legislative Service Commission (LSC) Legislative Budget Office (LBO) Legislative Office of Education Oversight (LOEO) Correctional Institution Inspection Committee (CIIC) Joint Committee on Agency Rule Review (JCARR) Legislative Information Systems (LIS)
NABCJ - Ohio Chapter
The National Association of Blacks in Criminal Justice works to act upon the needs, concerns, and contributions of African Americans and other people of color as they relate to the administration of equal justice.
The National Institute of Corrections (NIC) is an agency within the U.S. department of Justice, Federal Bureau of Prisons. The Institute is headed by a Director appointed by the U.S. Attorney General. A 16-members Advisory Board, also appointed by the Attorney General, was established by the enabling legislation (Public Law 93-415) to provide policy direction to the Institute. NIC provides training, technical assistance, information services, and policy/program development assistance to Federal, State and local corrections agencies. Through cooperative agreements, NIC awards funds to support its program initiatives. NIC also provides leadership to influence correctional policies, practices, and operations nationwide in areas of emerging interest and conern to correctional executes and practitioners as well as public policymakers. NIC offices are located in Washington, D.C. and Longmont, Colorado.
The mission of OCCSA is to provide opportunities for professional development to corrections and court services personnel.
The mission of the Ohio Department of Alcohol and Drug Addiction Services is to "...promote, assist in developing, and coordinate or conduct programs of education and research for the prevention of alcohol and drug addiction and for the treatment, including intervention, of alcoholics and persons who abuse drugs. Programs established by the Department shall include abstinence-based prevention and treatment programs."
The Department of Rehabilitation and Correction, through the Bureau of Adult Detention, promotes safe, secure and efficient local jail systems by assisting local officials in their efforts to comply with "Minimum Standards for Jails in Ohio." This is accomplished by the provision of technical assistance, compliance monitoring and appropriate support to correct physical barriers to achieving stands compliance.
Our Mission: To work together to develop, improve, expand, and promote adult and juvenile community corrections by bringing judges, prosecutors, defense attorneys, pretrial/probation officers, law enforcement, correction officials, treatment providers, and all other interested parties together to work toward common goals of community intervention for offenders.
Our mission is to provide quality and humane chemical dependency treatment and community corrections services to clients while contributing to safer communities.
Talbert House operates multiple service sites throughout Greater Cincinnati with a broad range of services in the areas of mental health, community corrections and substance abuse. Talbert House has also formed subsidiary relationships with Core Behavioral Health Centers, in January of 1998, and Center for Children and Families, in July of 1999 to better meet the growing mental health needs of the community. The budget for Fiscal Year 2002 is over $30 million.
Volunteers of America is a national, nonprofit, spiritually based organization providing local human service programs, and opportunities for individual and community involvement.


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